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Prince Hall Grand Council Grand Line - Maryland York Rite

Elected Officers:

Most Illustrious Grand Thrice Illustrious Master
Calvin I. Harvey Jr 32° KYCH
Right Illustrious Deputy Grand Thrice Illustrious Master
Eddie V. Tucker 33° KYCH
Right Illustrious Grand Principal Conductor of Works
Clarence A. Traynham 33° KYCH
Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer
Thomas W. Russum 32° KYCH
Right Illustrious Grand Recorder
Gerald C. Matthews 33° KYCH
Right Illustrious Grand Chaplain
Dale E. Weaver 32°

Appointed Officers:

Right Illustrious Grand Captain of Guard
Christopher Gray 32°
Right Illustrious Grand Lecturer
PGTIM Christopher B. Charles KYCH
Right Illustrious Assistant Grand Lecturer
PGTIM Bobby Edmonds

Right Illustrious Grand CC of FC
Courtney B. Whitehead

Right Illustrious Assistant Grand Recorder
Ivory G. Traynham 32°
Right Illustrious Divisional Deputy, Europe
Ivey Cherry
Right Illustrious Divisional Deputy, Germany
Thaddeus V. Butler
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