It is with sincere humility and pride that we welcome you to The Maryland Council of Royal and Select Masters.

The Council degrees are largely an elaboration and explanation of the Royal Arch Degree and, to a lesser extent, the Master Mason degree. The first Council degree, the Royal Master, develops more fully the story of recovery of the “lost” word and the Holy of Holies of the Temple of King Solomon. The next degree, Select Master, concerns itself with the construction and adornment of the subterranean vault introduced in the Royal Arch degree of the Chapter. The last degree is that of Super Excellent Master, and tells the story of the Babylonian Captivity, and of Zedekiah and his perfidy.

Council Masonry is also referred to as “Cryptic Masonry”, an allusion to the continuance of the vault, or crypt.

Within our Jurisdiction we strive to educate our Cryptic Membership through all means available. To that end we hope that your search through our portion of the website will prove enlightening and fruitful.

Again I welcome you and may this be an educational experience.