Royal Arch Masonry in Maryland

In the Year 1847, the Grand Chapter in Pennsylvania granted several warrants for the establishment of Royal Arch Chapters in the State of Maryland. In 1849, a convention was held, in Baltimore, for the purpose of organizing a Grand Chapter in the State of Maryland. This Chapter was known as Union Holy Royal Arch Grand Chapter. Royal Arch was not successful south of Pennsylvania prior to 1865. Only six Chapters existed; three in Baltimore City. Slavery and the War prevented the spread further southward. In 1867, another Grand Chapter created itself in Baltimore City, Morning Star Grand Chapter.

These two Grand Chapters, Morning Star and Union Holy Royal Arch Grand Chapters, met in a joint convention on November 30th, 1873. The Most Excellent Hiram Holy Royal Arch Grand Chapter was opened by Companion James T. Westly. Since that date, we have Chapters on the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland, North and South, as well as in Baltimore City and Overseas. We have Chapters in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the United Kingdom. Recently, Chapters were organized in Iraq and Afghanistan. A proud and important history. Something to be truly proud of.

Originally researched and written by:

R.E. Edwin L. Scott, 33ยบ
Grand Secretary & Editor-in-Chief