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M. E. Hiram Holy Grand Chapter Grand Line - Maryland York Rite

Elected Officers

Most Excellent Grand High Priest
PHP Dale E. Weaver

Right Excellent Deputy Grand High Priest
PHP Gerald C. Matthews (KYGCH)

Right Excellent Grand King
PHP Clarence Traynham (KYCH)

Right Excellent Grand Scribe
PHP Christopher B. Charles (KYCH)

Right Excellent Grand Secretary
PMEGHP Phillip S. Lewis Sr.

Right Excellent Grand Treasurer
PMEGHP Thomas H. Russum (KYGCH)


 Appointed Officers

Right Excellent Grand Captain of the Host
PHP Charles Brewer

Right Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner
PHP Christopher Lewis-El

Right Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain
PHP Michael Hinton 

Right Excellent Grand Master of the 3rd Veil
PHP Everett K. Smith 

Right Excellent Grand Master of the 2nd Veil
PHP Dumuria Keller 

Right Excellent Grand Master of the 1st Veil
PHP Henry Ward 

Right Excellent Grand Sentinel
PHP Michael White 

Right Excellent Grand Lecturer
PHP Marlin Donaldson 

Right Excellent Asst. Grand Lecturer
PHP Andre Atkinson

Right Excellent Grand Inspector
PHP Dennis L. Scott

Right Excellent Asst. Grand Inspector
PHP Nelson Moody (upon Military return) 

Right Excellent Grand CC of FC
PMEGHP Medford J. Campbell Jr

Appointed Officers

Right Excellent Chairman for School of Instruction
PHP Christopher Gray
PMEGHP Calvin I. Harvey Jr. 

Right Excellent Grand Musician
PMEGHP Denneth Wallace 

Right Excellent Grand Scholarship Chairman
PHP Donald W. Smith 

Right Excellent Grand Asst. Secretary*
PHP Eugene Bradford
PMEGHP Eddie V. Tucker 

Right Excellent Grand Asst. Treasurer*
PHP Forrest Garrett 

Grand Chaplain
Companion Rev. Joshua J. Slack

Grand Media Support
MEHP Ivory G. Traynham 

Right Excellent Division Deputy Grand High Priest – Eastern Shore
PMEGHP Walter J. Pauls III 

Right Excellent Division Deputy Grand High Priest – Division 8 Europe
PHP Earl Thompson 

Right Excellent Division Deputy Grand High Priest – Division 9 Middle East
PMEGHP Ivey D. Cherry Jr.

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