Elected Officers

Most Ancient Grand Matron
PMAM Kimberly D. Johnson

Most Worthy Grand Joshua
PMWGJ Thomas W. Russum

Vice Ancient Grand Matron
PMAM Beverly Johnson-Conaway

Worthy Deputy Grand Joshua
PMWJ Roscoe A. Murray

Grand Secretary
PMAGM Joyce W. Howard

Grand Financial Secretary
PMAGM Juanita L. Clarke

Grand Treasurer
PMAGM Shirley V. Singleton

Elected Officers

Grand Senior Attendant
PMAM Y. Michelle Dowleyne

Grand Junior Attendant
PMAM Cecilia Vandervall

Grand Inner Gate Keeper
PMAM Bonnie Buggs-Perow

Grand Outer Gate Keeper
PMAM Charlesta Bailey

Grand Chaplain
PMAM Mary Hamilton

Grand Lecturer
PMWGJ Ronald E. Miller Sr.

First Grand Court Director
PMAM Carol Williams

Second Grand Court Director
PMAM Robin Carpenter

Third Grand Court Director
PMAM Rebecca Setters


Appointed Officers

Grand Marshal (E)
PMAM Barbara Henderson

Grand Marshal (W)
PMAM Barbara Johnson-Hamilton

Grand Ark Bearer – SE1
PMAM Geneva Rose

Grand Ark Bearer – SW2
PMAGM Don Y. Harvey

Grand Ark Bearer – NW3
PMAGM Juanita Davenport

Grand Ark Bearer – NE4
PMAGM Delilah Holmes

Grand Musician(s)/DJs

Grand Chairperson, Committee on Foreign Correspondence
PMAGM Don Y. Harvey

Grand Representative Near the Grand East and D.C.
PMAGM Gloria Smith

Grand Advisor
PMAGM Edna L. Davis

Grand Advisor
PMAGM Mary T. James

Grand Sponsor
PMAGM Joyce Ellison

Grand Assistant Secretary
PMAM Desirae Williams

Grand Assistant Chaplain
PMAGM Juanita Davenport