Hiram Holy Grand Chapter


Greetings to all Companions and all visitors to this Maryland York Rite Website.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the home of The Most Excellent Hiram Holy Grand Chapter, Holy Royal Arch Masons, Prince Hall Affiliated, State of Maryland and Its Jurisdiction.

Royal Arch Masonry is not a religion and does not endeavor to change ones conception of God. Royal Arch Masonry regards your religious belief as your own; it does not attempt to influence your belief. It only asks that you have a belief in a Supreme Being. The motto of the Royal Arch is “Holiness To The Lord” and ever reminds us of the reverence due the Great and Beneficent Author of our existence, who is a Being without beginning of days or ending of years.

To my Maryland Blue House Brethren, Having completed your degrees in Symbolic Masonry I hope that you will consider continuing your Masonic travel by advancing your education found in the study of the Chapter of Capitular Degrees.

As it has been so eloquently stated; The Royal Arch Mason is the heart, root, backbone and marrow of Freemasonry.

Yours, Under The Arch
Eddie V. Tucker

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