It is my sincere honor and pleasure to welcome each of you, individually and collectively, to the St. Andrews Grand Commandery, Knight Templar, State of Maryland & Its Jurisdiction, Inc. Masonic   Web Site.  It is with my  sincere appreciation that I congratulate and thank the Officers & Members of St. Andrews Grand Commandery for all their hard work and consistently giving of their time, resources, & talents to make our Grand Commandery a positive influence in their communities, the state of Maryland, these United States, and the world.

To our Knights Templar membership and our supporters, let me personally say, “Thank You,” for taking time from your busy schedules daily and making St. Andrews a priority in your life.  We do not take your participation & support for granted and your continued contributions signify that our future endeavors are already on the path to success.  We thank God for each of you, and it is our humble prayer that your earthly travels will be most enjoyable and filled with His continued goodness, mercy, and blessings.  I remain…

Yours in Knightly Courtesy

MEGC Christopher Charles