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St. Andrews Grand Commandery Cabinet - Maryland York Rite

Elected Officers

Most Eminent Grand Commander
Sir Christopher Charles
Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander
Sir Knight Calvin Harvey
Right Eminent Grand Generalissimo
Sir Knight Dale Weaver
Right Eminent Grand Captain General
Sir Knight Edward “Eddie” Tucker
Right Eminent Grand Prelate
Sir Knight Forrest Garrett
Right Eminent Grand Recorder
Sir Christopher G. Gray Sr.
Right Eminent Grand Treasurer 
Sir George E. Thompson

Appointed Officers

Right Eminent Grand Senior Warden
Sir Knight Andre Atkinson

Right Eminent Grand Junior Warden
Sir Knight Marlin Donaldson
Right Eminent Grand Standard Bearer
Sir Knight Charles Brewer
Right Eminent Grand Sentinel
Sir Knight Julio A. Martinez
Right Eminent Grand Sword Bearer
Sir Knight Dennis Scott
Right Eminent Grand Warder
Sir Knight Vincent Harris
Right Eminent Grand Lecturer
Sir Knight Donrell A.B. Johnson
Right Eminent Grand CCFC
Sir Knight I.G. Traynham (Chair)
Sir Gerald C. Matthews Jr. (Adviser)

Division Deputies and Special Appointments Abroad

Right Eminent Divisional Deputy Grand Commander CONUS
Sir Knight Clarence Traynham

Right Eminent Divisional Deputy Grand Commander – At Large
Sir Reggie Brown

Right Eminent Divisional Deputy Grand Commander – Region 4 (Europe)
Sir Knight Earl P. Thompson

Right Eminent Divisional Deputy Grand Commander – Region 5 (Middle East)
Sir Ivey Cherry
Most Royal Grand Chief Engineer of
Most Royal Grand Court of Cyrene
Sir Thomas Russum
State Deputy to Grand Encampment of
Knights Templar USA, PHA
Sir Richard V. Johnson
Right Eminent Grand Assistant Recorder
Sir Kenneth Brooks Sr.
Right Eminent Grand Assistant Treasurer
Sir Knight Eugene Bradford
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