Rahab Grand Court
Heroines Of Jericho, PHA
Maryland Jurisdiction
Grand Session 2nd Sat. in June



Most Ancient Grand Matron
Gloria E. Smith
Most Grand Worthy Joshua
Ronald E. Miller, Sr.


Elected Grand Officers

Vice Ancient Grand Matron - Joan D. Campbell 

Deputy Grand Joshua - Samuel A. Henry


Grand Treasurer - Lillie M. Jones 


Grand Secretary - Joyce W. Howard


Grand Financial Secretary - Altomease Gordon


Grand Senior Attendant - Linza M. Harvey 


Grand Junior Attendant - Kim McCoy 


Grand Inner Gate Keeper - Judith L. Williams


Grand Outer Gate Keeper - Theresa M. Miller


Grand Chaplain - Mary E. G. Wilson


Grand Lecturer - Roscoe Murray


1st Grand Court Director - Velma Honker


2nd Grand Court Director - Jeffrey Jones


3rd Grand Court Director - Shirley Singleton



Appointed Grand Officers

Grand Marshal (East) - Lenora H. Hall

Grand Marshal (West) - Dorothy Watkins

Ark Bearer (SE-1) - Bobbie J. Henry

Ark Bearer (SW-2) - Mary F. Henry

Ark Bearer (NW-3) - Jennie Ryland

Ark Bearer (NE-4) - Romaine Barnes

Grand Musician - Orie Jones

Grand Photographer - Sandra Cameron

CC of FC - Don Y. Harvey

Grand Representative Near the Grand East and Washington, D.C. - Theresa M. Miller & Mary T. James

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