Saint Andrews Grand Commandery
1307 Eutaw Place, Baltimore Maryland 21217
Grand Conclave 3rd weekend in June


Most Excellent Grand Commander James Felton Wescott

Most Eminent Grand Commander
James F. Wescott

To Visiting Guests & All Members of the York Rite Family Around the Globe!


It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the cyber-home of St. Andrews Grand Commandery, Knights Templar, Prince Hall Affiliated, State of Maryland and Its Jurisdiction.

For those unfamiliar with our Order; the Knights Templar trace their origin back to shortly after the First Crusade. Around 1119, a French nobleman from the Champagne region, Hugues de Payens, collected eight of his knight relatives including Godfrey de Saint-Omer, and began the Order, their stated mission to protect pilgrims on their journey to visit The Holy Places.

They approached King Baldwin II of Jerusalem, who allowed them to set up headquarters on the southeastern side of the Temple Mount, inside the Al Aqsa Mosque. Since the Temple Mount was the site of biblical King Solomon's Temple the Order took the name "The Knights of the Temple of King Solomon", which later became abbreviated to "Knights Templar".

Today the Maryland PHA Templar’s primary purpose is Charity. To protect and assist all in need, Masonic or Civilian;

Masonic Vita

Sir Knight James Felton Wescott, 33°, KYCH
Most Eminent Grand Commander
St. Andrew Grand Commandery
Born: Selbyville, Delaware
MEGC Wescott was raised in Newark, New Jersey, spent his summers in Lenoir and Wayne County, North Carolina, Selbyville, Delaware, and Salisbury, Maryland.
Education: Attended school in the above states, Graduated from Central High School in Newark, New Jersey. Sports: Member of undefeated City Champs Cross-country team and Wrestling team. Attended Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland, while at Bowie State University, inducted into Lambda Alpha (National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology). Member of the Student Government Association (Senator), Also a Residential Aide for on campus students (Holmes Hall), voted Mr. Education of the Education Club, and a member of the Wrestling team.
I’m currently employed by the Mayor of City Counsel of Baltimore City, with the Department of Finance, Misc Tax and License Unit as a Senior License Inspector. Severed as an Employee Representative and member of the Baltimore City Street Vendors Board and severed as member of the Baltimore Office of Planning and development Board.
Masonic Bio: Past Master and Past Treasurer, of King David Lodge #18, Past High Priest, King David #1Past Grand King Holy Royal Arch Mason, Past Thrice Illustrious Master of Owen H Thompson#1 Past Eminent Commander of Emanuel Commandery #4 Knight Templar, Past Commander & Chief and Assistant keeper of seal and archives of Hiram Consistory#2, President of the Maryland Delegation for the class of 2006 for the 33° of the Scottish Rite Supreme Counsel, Past High Priest and Profit of Jerusalem Temple #4 AEAONMS currently a Noble of Jerusalem Temple #4.
Worthy Patron of Trinity Chapter #5 OES, Vice Josha for Emanuel #4 HOJ, Past Most Royal Grand Chief Engineer for Most Royal Grand Court of Cyrene, Deputy Prior for Brown-Stewart Thompson Prior#11, KYCH, Charter Member of Ladies of the circle of perfection Ruth Court, Charter Member and Treasurer of the James A. Handy Masonic Research Lodge, Right Worshipful, Deputy Grand Historian, and member of the Jurisprudence Committee – MWPHGL.


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